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Hori Fighting Stick for PS4/PS3/PC


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Release Date: 20 June 2019
Compatibility: PS4 / PS3 / PC
 32cm x 26cm x 13cm

A high-performance arcade controller for the affordable price. Ideal for a beginner who plays arcade controller for the first time.

It is a compact size controller and has the same sized stick lever and button as the arcade casing, you can experience the same operation feeling like a full-fledged arcade controller.

Newly adopted magnet type cable cover. The cable can be completely stored inside.

Stereo headphone/microphone terminal is installed on the side of this product. You can connect the headset directly to this product.

Other mounted functions:
- Fire/continuous hold function
- Shot speed switching function (5 · 10 · 20 times/sec)
- Hardware switching function
- Assign (button function switching) function* 1
- Internal buttons and stick lever can be replaced* 2

By switching the assign mode switch, the functions of other buttons can be assigned to L1, L2, OPTIONS buttons, or can be disabled.

This product does not correspond to light bar, touchpad function, speaker, vibration function and motion sensor function.


  • High performance arcade controller
  • Cable can be stored in controller
  • Stereo headphone / microphone terminal