PlayStation VR

Storage Case for PlayStation VR


Compatible: PlayStation VR
Material: EVA, polyester
Size: Approximately 24.5 cm in length x 30.5 cm in width x 23.5 cm in height

It is a case that can neatly store the PS VR body, processor unit, and cables together. The included sleeve has a zippered net pocket and a rubber van to keep the processor and cables together. You can store the sleeve in the lower part of the case, cover the sleeve with a partition, and store the PS VR body in the case as it is in the upper part.

EVA material that is lightweight and has excellent shock absorption inside. It protects the PS VR main unit, processor unit, and cables from scratches and damaged dust by preventing external shocks and scratches, and can be stored for a long time. There is a sturdy handle on the top of the case, so you can carry it as it is. It can be used for both storage at home and carrying around when going out.