WLMOUSE BEAST X Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Say goodbye to heavy and clunky gaming mice that slow you down during intense gaming sessions! Introducing our revolutionary magnesium alloy gaming mouse, meticulously crafted to provide you with the ultimate advantage. Experience unparalleled speed and agility with its unbelievably lightweight construction.

Only 39g

The ambidextrous mouse shell now features a significantly reduced weight, and in turn result in a smoother and more agile
cursor movement while still maintaining a high durability

Unlocking the Power of Magnesium

BEAST X feature high-quality magnesium alloy, offering extreme lightweight, high levels of durability, excellent heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, and a modern, sleek asthetics. This material allows both quality, comfortablility and performance, making our mouse a top choice for both professional and casual play.

Stable 4000HZ Polling Rate Performance

With a true wireless polling rate of 4000 Hz, unlock a new level of responsiveness with the ultimate upgrade for our most advanced mice, ensuring the speed required for top-tier competitive gaming.

Two Sizes, One Perfect Fit

The two mouse feet sizes are designed to meet different needs
in various situation. Larger feet provide more stability and control, while smaller feet provide more agility. This customized option increases comfort, allowing you to excel comfortably at both work and gaming.

PAW3395 Sensor

BEAST X comes equipped with PAW3395 high-speed gaming optical sensor. PAW3395 is a high-quality sensor found in a numerous
high-performance gaming mice, providing flawless accuracy and fast tracking. It allows the BEAST X to achieve ultra-fast 26000DPI, 650IPS, and 50G acceleration

· Length: 4.8 in (122mm)
· Width: 2.44 in (62mm)
· Height: 1.46 in (37mm)
· Weight: 39g - 42g / 1.38oz

· PixArt PAW3395
· 26000 DPI
· 650 IPS
· MCU: Nordic 52840
· Supports up to 4K return rates

· Symmetrical
· 5 buttons configuration
· Superflex Paracord Cable
· TTC Gold Encoder

Package Contents
· Wireless mouse *1
· USB-C cable *1
· 4K dongle *1
· User manual *1
· PTFE Skates*1
· Glass Skates*1
· Mouse Grip Tape *1