XBox Series X The Last Stand: Aftermath

¥288.00 CNY

Release Date: 19 November 2021
Genre: Survival
Language: English
Region: US

The Beginning of The End

The worst day of your life wasn't when you were infected. It was after when you had to leave your friends and family to make your last stand out among the undead. Such is the fate of the afflicted. With the promise of death ahead of you, you're determined to make your last stand one for the record books: securing more supplies and destroying more undead than anyone before.

Dead Man Walking

Humans are fragile, it's rare one survives long out amongst the hordes alone. Luckily, this infection makes you something else, something more. As your humanity ebbs and the affliction takes hold, you'll discover new limits and abilities you never knew were buried deep within your DNA. Utilize your newfound skills to scavenge for weapons and medicine, or the materials you can use to make them.


  • Fight with the Infection - As the infection mutates your body, discover new and unexpected abilities that will let you ravage the undead hordes before they overwhelm you
  • Explore and Craft - Explore a constantly shifting cityscape to find materials to craft new tools, weapons, and remedies. If you're lucky you'll find medicine, letting you roam for longer
  • Roguelike Loop - Death is assured, but the story doesn't end there. Venture out as a newly infected survivor again, and again, and again as everyone makes their Last Stand