3DS Sekaiju no Meikyuu V Nagaki Shinwa no Hate (Japanese)


Release Date: 4 August 2016
Genre: Role Playing
Language: Japanese
Region: Japan

The latest entry into the popular 3DS dungeon crawler Etrian Odyssey is without a doubt an event worthy of great anticipation. For years now, players who have taken the call of adventure into worlds unknown have seen the series evolve from it's early days on the NDS to what it is today; with each iteration, the classic formula of a western 3D isometric dungeon crawl is continually tweaked and perfected by an attention to detail expected from an experienced Japanese development team. For anyone who enjoys the risk and rewards of a game that offers deliberate pacing through mystery, challenge, and discovery, as well as the unique gameplay element of cartography, the Etrian Odyssey V is sure to please. 

Each Etrian Odyssey is a standalone title, and while the core element of navigating through deadly dungeons is shared in all the titles, V presents a new land called Arcadia, with glory and fame at the top of a perilous climb into Yggdrasil, an ancient tree with equally ancient legends.

By introducing 4 new races, unseen from previous titles - the Arslan, Lunaria, Cerian, and Brani, each with their own race specific stat advantages and disadvantages, as well as new extensive customization options such as the 22+ different character voices, Etrian Odyssey V gives players a chance to form the guild that matches their play style, especially when new classes have very specific roles, adding extra challenge with respect to team balancing. 

Classes are tied to race, as Arslan human types employ the Fencer, Dragoon, Cestus, and Reaper; Lunarian Elf types have  
Necromancer and Warlock classes; the beast type Branil focuses on the Herbalist and Shaman class, and the dwarven Celians come as the Masurao and Hound class.

Finally, according to director Shigeo Komori, dungeon exploration has enhanced table top RPG elements drawing from the rich inspiration of this genre and the cartography mechanic is improved further with new icons and more intuitive controls.

Type: Game

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