ChargeDr USB Charge Booster

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USB Charge Booster

ChargeDr™ makes the most of precious minutes between meetings, in the airport terminal, on the road or any other occasion where you need to charge your device FAST. Significantly reduce the charging time by connecting ChargeDr™ to your Computer USB Port. 

When connected to the USB port of a computer ChargeDr will allow you to charge:

  • Tablets/iPad up to 4X faster
  • Phones/iPhone up to 2X faster


  Laptop with USB Cable ONLY Laptop with USB Cable + ChargeDr Wall Adapter ONLY
iPhone 5 224min 95min* 125min
New iPad
(3rd Generation)
> 1300 340min* 356min
Galaxy SIII 283min 140min* 170min
Kindle Fire HD 8.9" > 1200 285min* 300min


Why ChargeDr?

ChargeDr charges your phone and tablet faster!
You live your life on the go, and we know that. With ChargeDr, you can make the most of those scarce, but precious minutes in the airport, between meetings, or on the road to quickly charge your electronic device. 

ChargeDr allows you to charge your iPad through your laptop or desktop.
Notice that your tablet won’t charge when plugged into your computer via USB drive? The reason why you see a “not charging” message when you connect an iPad to the USB port of a computer is because the port’s power output is below the threshold required to charge your tablet. Luckily the ChargeDr solves this problem.

ChargeDr works with your computer’s USB port, wall adapter and car charger so it is perfect for traveling.
No matter what the situation, you can use ChargeDr. It is compatible with all of the USB-based charging devices and adapters that you typically charge your tablet or phone with. Not only does it allow you to charge through your computer’s USB port 2x-4x faster, but it can also increase the charging speed of your wall adapter and car charger by up to 20%. It’s about the same size as a USB flash drive, making it ultra portable.

Will ChargeDr harm your electronic devices? 
Absolutely not. Your devices have a power management chip regulating input power received to charge the internal battery. ChargeDr interacts with this chip to define the highest amount of power you device can safely handle and requests it from the computer or charger.