Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist KeyPad Watch - Black


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Battery Replacement

  • One Lithium battery CR2032 provides the power to operate the lights.
  • IF you notice your watch's light is getting dimmer, this is  an indication that your battery needs to be replaced. 
  • Do not wait until your watch stops functioning.
  • To avoid the possibility of damaging your product, we recommend that you send it watch specialist to have the battery replaced and the case back properly sealed. 


  • Don't press buttons under water nor with excessive moisture on the product surface.
  • Avoid long-term exposure to extreme temperature, direct sunlight. This can cause material coloring to fade or discoloration.
  • Please avoid rough use or dropping this product. Do not use strong detergent, sprays or chemicals as this will dis-color the case or strap.
  • To clean your watch use only soft cloth, moistened lightly.