DOBE XBox One S Cooling Dock


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Compatibility: XBox One Slim


Vertical Stand Cooling Dock with 2 USB Ports and 3 High Speed Fans for Xbox one S (slim) Console  

1. Use 3 high speed fans to acclerate the air circulation Inside the console systerm to cool it.
2. Put the Xbox one s console on this product, does not take up any place
3. With "L"and "H" switch to change the fans Speed
4. With two USB ports, convenient to charge the Xbox one controller, and one with data transter.

Color: Black
Material: ABS
Applicable scope: xbox one slim console
input voltage: 5V 
Fan type: 40*10 mm
L switch: 360mA±20mA, H Switch: 410mA±20mA Accessories
Item size: Approx. 225*98*22mm
Net weight: Approx. 170 g