Gulikit Dock


Model: GuliKit Dock NS05
Material: PC
Color: Black
Ports:HDMI,USB Type C male and female,USB A 3.0                                        Packaging: GuliKit Dock*1pcs+USB C to USB A cable*1pcs
Warranty: 3 Months by Shopitree

Super Compact and Portable Dock for the Nintendo Switch

Perfect industry design,magnetic cover block makes it compact as a whole. 

Super portable design allows to just put it into pocket.

Support 4K,1080P and 720P video output (Nintendo Switch only supports 1080P).

Air outlets keep your Switch cooling well.

Easy switch to TV and tabletop mode.

Extra USB3.0 port for USB wired controller,controller adapter.

Big anti-slip mat,stable stand.

Conform to USB-C PD protocol,support original Switch adapter and other 5V/3A adapters.

FLASH architecture design,firmware upgradeable for Switch new system.

Support smart phones as a dock for charging and video output from smart phones to TV or projector.