HORI Split Pad Compact for Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Switch OLED


 *Note: Nintendo Switch not included.

Release date: September 2022
Compatibility: Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Switch OLED

The easy-to-grip grip controller is compact and easy to use even for small children and women.

With an easy-to-grip grip and large stick buttons, this controller makes gameplay comfortable.

The width is narrower than the previous Split pad, and the thickness remains the same, making it easier to grip and more compact, making it easier to play on the road or outside.

In addition, while being compact, the curve of the grip part has been improved to fit the hand better.

Compact Shape

The narrower width prevents the sides from opening, allowing you to play the game in a natural posture.

Size Comparison

The button size is small, and the analog stick is designed to be about 1.5mm lower.

Equipped with Turbo/Turbo Hold Function

Rapid fire and rapid fire hold can be set in 3 stages of about 5/10/20 per second.

Equipped with Back Button

Each L/R side controller is equipped with a back button, and you can assign your favorite button function.

■ Turbo/ Turbo hold function
A button / B button / X button / Y button / L button / R button / ZL button /ZR button / Direction buttons (up, down, left, right)
*But the directional buttons (up, down, left, and right) cannot be set to turbo hold funtion.
*You cannot wake up the Nintendo Switch with the HOME button of this product.

■Equipped with rear button
L side controller: Directional keys, L stick button, L button, ZL button can be assigned.
R side controller: A, B, X, Y, R stick button, R button, ZR button can be assigned.

*This product does not have the following functions. Games that use these features cannot be played comfortably.
· Gyro sensor · Acceleration sensor · Motion IR camera · Player lamp · HD vibration
· Notification lamp · NFC (near field communication)
· Split Pad Fit is not a wireless controller.
· Nintendo Switch not included.