New 3DS XL Hori Card Case 4 Cover


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*NEW 3DS XL Console and 3DS Games not included.

Platform : NEW 3DS XL / LL
Publisher : Hori 


Easy to carry on a single 2 roles!
  • And "body protective cover" is "card case" integrated! 
  • The New Nintendo 3DS LL dedicated body protective cover, Nintendo 3DS card / Nintendo DS card can hold four total, it is a very useful item to carry!

Card is easy to check!

  • Since the case is clear, card houses can be seen clearly!

Commitment kind design!

  • Even in New Nintendo 3DS LL opened the body, is a kind design the AC adapter does not get in the way!

Can be stored on the porch while wearing the cover!

  • This product while wearing, you can be accommodated in the pouch while wearing the cover.