Nintendo Switch Labo Vehicle Kit


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Release Date: 14 September 2018
Genre: Educational
Language: English

Box Contents:

  • Cardboard sheet x 25 (includes extra sheet for customization)
  • Reflective sticker sheet x 1
  • Sponge sticker sheet x 1
  • String x 1
  • Grommet set (gray) x 2
  • Grommet set (red) x 2
  • Rubber bands (large) x 3 + spares
  • Rubber band (small) x 12 + spares

Hop into the driver's seat of a Car, Plane, and Submarine and play a variety of fun games with your DIY Toy-Con creations!

Vehicle Kit

Build your vehicles, then drive, dive, and soar through immersive games. Discover how things work and even invent your own ways to play!

Drive freely through land, sea, and sky with the Car, Submarine, and Plane. Each vehicle has different controls and special moves, and swapping between them is easy: just pull the Key you’re using out of one and slot it into another!

Note: Joy-con controllers not included