Nintendo Switch Shmup Collection


Release Date: 9 July 2020
Genre: Shoot'em Up
Language: English
Region: Europe

Shooting Collection is a collection of three shooting games developed by the Japanese Astro Port team.
This collection was reworked for SWITCH.
The player's only task is to shoot down all the enemies in front of you and save humanity!

ARMED SEVEN DX is a horizontal reel maneuver shooting game, players need to use all customizable weapons to complete 7 levels.
Please operate your own body to equip the beam gun, rocket artillery and missile according to the combat situation. Get ready to act now !

SATAZEUS NEXT is a classic side- scrolling shooting game that finally appeared on SWITCH. After this work was remade, the number of animation frames was greatly increased, which further improved the fun of the game. No. A Jianuo cruiser was destroyed by an alien attack, the player's your only chance of winning multiplied With small aircraft Trafalgar, save the galaxy while resistance space pirates attack it!

WOLFLAME is a longitudinal reel shooting game designed to protect humans who survived on the planet SIGFILDONIA.
The player's mission is to destroy the base of the intruder and successfully conduct WOLFLAME operations.
Join the Resistance Army and use all weapons to shoot down aliens who are trying to destroy all life!


● The three shooters collected, and on sale in the SWITCH.

● All three works have weapons that can be widely customized.

● The difficulty can be set to four levels, even beginners can enjoy the fun of the game.

● A variety of shooting styles suitable for all players.