Pandora's Box Ver. 4 FightStick (645 Arcade Games)


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Pandora's Box:
(WxDxH)  - 19cm X 28cm X 75cm  
Read Weight - 7.3KG

  •  Can use two people at the same time, 1 Player and 2 Player Conjoined, with real street machine hand switch.
  • 1 Player and 2 Player each have 6 Manipulation Keys
  • Built-in AC Adapters, a power cord to 3 Pin plug 
  • Can be connected to the tv or computer screen, waiting for a line output, no need to install.
  • HDMI HD line output.
  • Bags full all together, including mainframe, control rods (2 Branches), All 16 buttons (another backup button), 3 Pin Power Cord, HDMI HD line (Long-term), No additional purchase accessories.
  • with the support of as many as 600 arcade game, using JM Interface.
  • Real Street Machine Speed.
  • Fuselage small light and thin, but base with anti-Slip Rubber, on the table, won't slip away.
  • Game Box Game Box use teaching notes :(a) Good Plug Power Cord (b) Insert Good HDMI line (C) the power, to get started (D) machine on the left side and right side of a button is "into the silver button" (E) on the two little button is a " start button " (F) control rods up and down and around to select games (G) at the same time by 1 P's " start button " and " into the silver button ", jump back Choose catalogue

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