PC Blood Bowl: Dark Elves Edition


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Dark Elves Edition Includes:-

9 Playable race now with added Dark Elves
Strategy Guide

Blood Bowl is the videogame adaptation of Games Workshop's famous board game of the same name.No holds barred : Bribe the referee, foul your opponent as they whimper on the ground, hurl devastating fireballs from the stands or even sneak a chainsaw on the field, whatever it takes to defeat your opponent... But don't ever forget the ultimate purpose of the game: Get the ball into the End Zone and score touchdowns!

Two completely different game modes
Play the authentic turn-based Blood Bowl experience thanks to this faithful adaptation of Games Workshop's famous board game. Live the game in Real Time and unleash Blood Bowl's wrenching frenzy for spectacular and intense games!

A huge single player game
Take part in a complete Blood Bowl campaign and win trophies in 15 Championships and Cups. Each victory will allow your team to gain Star Player levels and new pieces of performance enhancing equipment.

The multiplayer competition at its best
Choose your own competition rules and create your own Championships.


  • Create a team online and take part in Leagues and Tournaments over the Internet to climb to the top of the official rankings
  • Create your own Private League with your own competition rules and organize your own Tournaments!