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The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles is the first Adventure Pack for the The Sims Medieval*. Dramatically expanding the replay value of the original game, the Pirates & Nobles Adventure Pack contains a wealth of enhancements including: a new Kingdom Ambition, new quests linked to the epic storyline, new signature objects, new traits, more than 140 pirate and nobility themed objects, and the ability to hunt for treasure.

Experience the Epic Adventure of Pirates & Nobles

The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles Adventure Pack gives players the sandbox style freedom to play as they want, without neglecting guided gameplay in which they will find new quests and one new Kingdom Ambition.

A player's heroic story begins when the Pirates of Aarbyville and the Nobles of Tredony arrive in the kingdom, followed quickly by sword fights, love affairs, grand adventures and mysteries. For those who enjoy the rush of heroic missions, new exhilarating quests expand upon the original adventures like finding the fountain of youth or protecting the kingdom from an evil sorcerer. The war between Tredony and Aarbyville creates the new Kingdom Ambition and opportunity for players to suit up their kingdoms. Players can choose to be anyone from a king or queen to a knight or blacksmith, and with that, prepare for voyage accordingly. Treasure hunting is an exciting new gameplay feature in the pack with maps, shovels, rare treasures and surprising dangers, while challenging players to find hidden objects and search for desirable rewards that will benefit their hero Sims. Other new items include birds that you can name and train, and interrogation chairs.


  • A New Kingdom Ambition – Can you end the war between Tredony and Aarbyville?
  • New Quests - New quests follow an epic story arc
  • New Signature Objects – The game includes new objects like the Interrogation Chair and pet falcons and parrots
  • Traits - Enjoy new general traits as well as a new legendary trait
  • Pirates and Nobility - Utilizes over 140 pirate and nobility themed objects
  • Dress Up - New pirate and noble outfits and hats
  • The Lure of Treasure - Go hunting for treasure hunting, complete with maps, shovels, rare treasure and some surprising dangers

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS - Windows 7 / Vista (SP1) / XP (SP3)
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz for XP P4 processor / 2.4 GHz Vista and Windows 7 processors
  • RAM - 1 GB for XP / 1.5 GB for Vista and Windows 7 (NVIDIA computers require at least 2 GB)
  • Disc Drive - DVD ROM drive required for installation
  • Free Hard Drive Space - At least 1.5 GB for installation and 1 GB for custom content and game saves
  • Video Card - 256 MB video card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 (see http://support.ea.com/ for full list of supported cards)
  • Other - Keyboard and mouse
  • OS - Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo
  • RAM - 2 GB or more
  • Disc Drive - DVD ROM drive required for installation
  • Free Hard Drive Space - At least 1.5 GB for installation and 1 GB for custom content and game saves
  • Video Card - ATI X1600 or NVIDIA 7300 GT with 256 MB of video RAM, or Intel integrated GMA X1300 or better (see http://support.ea.com/ for full list of supported cards)**
  • Other - Keyboard and mouse