Playseat Sensation Pro Red Bull Racing Esports Edition


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Push the limits with the Playseat® Sensation Pro Red Bull Racing Esport!

This is the Pro Edition from our latest Simulator series, the Playseat Sensation! With this simulator, you take your racing game to a great level. The Playseat Sensation Pro chair is fully adjustable for gamers of any height. You can easily set the seat tilt angle, the distance to the pedals and steering wheel, and much more. The seat is made of the highest quality materials, with an improved backrest for even more racing fun. Build an absolute racing position to maximize the resemblance to the real world. Professional drivers confirm the unique quality of the Playseat Sensation Pro and say that it equals the feeling of a real racing car!

The Playseat® Sensation Pro Red Bull Racing Esport is completely adjustable for players of all shapes and sizes. The distance between the pedals and the wheel is easily adjusted, giving you the best seating position for your body. The improved pedal plate can sustain high amounts of braking force, which makes the Playseat® Sensation Red Bull Racing Esports exceptionally qualified for the most fanatic sim racers. The wheelbase supports almost all popular steering wheels on the market right now. It withstands a huge force, which means the Playseat® Sensation Pro is compatible with all Direct Drive wheels.

This Playseat® Sensation Pro Red Bull Racing Esports has a separate TV stand. With the TV stand, you have full control over optimizing your sim racing rig. Do you want the TV really close up and be immersed in the game? Or do you prefer the TV at a distance? With the free included TV stand you can adjust your racing rig completely to your liking. Another advantage of a separate TV stand is that vibrations from your steering wheel won’t transfer to your TV! You can fully focus on getting that first place!

If you’re ready to race on another level, you need the Playseat® Sensation Pro Red Bull Racing Esport!

Key features:

  • Works with PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Compatible with almost all steering wheels and pedal sets on the market (e.g. Logitech, Thrustmaster en Fanatec)
  • Also compatible with all Direct Drive steering wheels on the market (e.g. SimSteering, Heusinkveld, Simucube)
  • Improved wheelbase supports Direct Drive wheels – Additional braces are sold separately
  • Improved, strengthened pedal support for maximum control
  • Patented light and durable system
  • Superior quality, stability, and comfort
  • Extremely strong steel frame
  • Powder-coated, industrial-grade Red Bull Racing Esport Branding
  • Actifit seat
  • Adjustable seat and wheelbase
  • A separate TV Stand included


  • Ideal length driver:
    • Minimum 120 cm / 47 inches
    • Maximum 220 cm / 87 inches
  • Ideal weight driver:
    • Minimum 20 kg / 47 lbs
    • Maximum 122 kg / 270 lbs
  • Measurements (LxWxH):
    • 150x63x94 cm / 59.1×24.8×37.0 inches (without TV stand)
  • Height back support: 87 cm / 34.25 inches
  • Height seating: 6,5-37 cm / 2.56-14.57 inches
  • Width seating: 38 cm / 14.96 inches
  • Depth seating: 37-55 cm / 14.57-19.69 inches
  • Weight: 38 kg / 83.77 lbs


  • Measurements:
    • Box 1 (frame) 115x25x70 cm
    • Box 2 (seating) 105x55x67 cm
  • Weight:
    • Box 1 (frame) 27 kg
    • Box 2 (seating) 11 kg
  • Manual and warranty licenses included