PlayStation Portal Remote Player

$349.00SGD $399.00SGD

Warranty: 7-Days In House Warranty
Dead Pixel is not covered by the warranty
Region: Japan Set (Compatible with All Region PS5 Console)

The Handheld Gateway to Your PS5 Games

Put Your PS5 in the Palm of Your Hand

  • PlayStation Portal Remote Player gives you access to the games on your PS5 console over your home Wi-Fi, letting you jump into gaming on a gorgeous 8” LCD screen capable of 1080p resolution play at 60fps, all without needing to play on a TV.

Play Your Game Collection

  • PlayStation Portal Remote Player can play compatible games you have installed on your PS5 console, including your favorite games for PS5 and PS4.

Experience Breathtaking Immersion with DualSense® Wireless Controller Features

  • Feel the incredible immersion of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in supported games.