PS Vita Console (PCH2006) Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition


Following the well-received design of “PlayStation®4 DRAGON QUEST Metal Slime Edition” which was released in December, 2014, the PS Vita included in the “PlayStation®Vita DRAGON QUEST Metal Slime Edition” is also based on the concept that “The console is forged by a blacksmith from metal fragments which are obtained by defeating metal slimes”. The console is in the colour that resembles “Metal Slime” and a print of “Metal Slime” is at the back of the console. Moreover, an original theme that is exclusive to this product will be pre-installed. A “Liquid metal slime” earphone jack figure will also be included as if a “Liquid metal slime” appeared on the PS Vita.

What’s more, to let gamers enjoy more from the world of DRAGON QUEST, as a first attempt, hiding Metal Slimes are also printed on the direction buttons. In addition, the box of this product is made as a shining treasure box with the Emblem of Roto, creating a gorgeous design that fans will be touched even when they are opening the box.

The game “DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS: Alefgard wo Fukkatsu seyo” has adopted a new approach that has never been seen throughout the DRAGON QUEST series. Players have to get back and rebuild the land of Alefgard that has been laid waste by the “Dragonlord”. With the keywords of gameplay, “Collect”, “Build” and “Reconstruct”, players are going to “create” freely in the large area of Alefgard that is presented in the form of “Blocks” and enjoy the story in this game, which belongs to the brand-new genre “Block-making RPG”. We hope you would enjoy the first ever PS Vita DRAGON QUEST series title on the “PlayStation®Vita DRAGON QUEST Metal Slime Edition”.

Box Contents:

  • PlayStation Vita (PCH-2000 Series) Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition
  • PS Vita Game: Dragon Quest Builders: Revive Alefgard (Traditional Chinese Subs)
  • Metal Slime Earphone Jack Figure
  • USB cable
  • AC adapter
  • Power cord
  • Manual

 Asia, Singapore model 

Type: Console

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