PS Vita Sengoku Musou Chronicle 3 (Premium Edition)


Release Date: 4 December 2014
Genre: Hack & Slash
Language: Voice & Subtitle - Japanese
Region: R3
Publisher: Koei Tecmo Games

Premium Edition Box Contents:

  • PS Vita Game: Sengoku Musou Chronicle 3
  • Special Character Artbook
  • Cast Signed Script
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Special Postcard Set (15pcs)


Sengoku Musou Chronicle 3 (戦国無双 Chronicle 3) is the latest Chronicles entry which uses Samurai Warriors 4 as its base. Unlike its predecessor, the producer says this title is a "brand new entry" into the series. He hints that it will include Xtreme Legends-like features.


  • Protagonists have Hyper Attacks, Mighty Strikes, and Rage Attacks for their default weaponry. Further customization options are planned.
  • Playable characters have a combat maneuver gauge ala Empires titles that can be used during battle. Each character can use a special maneuver to help the ally side once certain conditions are met.
  • The producer stated that many missions encourage the player to rely on character switching to succeed them.
  • Character interactions with the playable cast have been heightened compared to previous titles. Protagonists can additionally earn a playable character's costume and "what-if" story branches in Chronicle Mode by building friendship levels with them.
  • "What-if" story branches can unlock special mission objectives for the playable cast.
  • Players can use their funds to improve a castle town and its standard shop. A blacksmith for specific weapon alterations and the tea room seen in cutscenes are new facilities. Players can invite multiple characters to the tea room to boost friendship ratings and to experience unique conversations; upgrade it to increase the number of seats available per visit.
  • Dream Castle Mode is a revised Gold Rush or Time Attack Mode from Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends. Players can compete for online rankings and earn a class rank for their avatar. Guest characters are slated to appear as enemy NPCs.
  • Completing various objectives to bolster the player's war career. War career is equivalent to game completion and is visibly judged by revealing miniatured character illustrations separated on a 6x4 square grid. One objective is placed on one square panel, and there are eight illustrations available.
  • Online friendships can be used to earn points for weapon customization. Routine online messages from the developers will continue to be sent to players of both ports.
  • Downloadable content will include scenarios, music, and edit character parts.

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