GIOTECK Gaming Mega Pack for PS3




  • VX-1 - Requires 2 x AA batteries
  • RT-2 Real Triggers -
  • ESSENTIAL GAMING CABLES - Getting you connected & gaming in HD with a 2M Play & Charge and 1.5M HDMI cable.

Gioteck VX-1

Wireless Controller for PS3™

The VX-1 wireless controller for PlayStation®3 is ergonomically designed with rubberized handles for superb comfort during gameplay. Featuring quick-fire triggers, an enhanced precision D pad, anti-slip rubber thumbsticks, built-in rumble & powersave mode - this wireless controller is the perfect gaming partner.


Contoured Action Buttons – Positioned for optimal thumb rotation between the button cluster and right thumbstick.

Concave Anti-Slip Rubber Thumbstick Grips – Reducing slippage during intense game sessions, and utilizing the best component parts for rotational precision.

Directional Pad – Designed for quicker selection control and better accuracy. 2.4GHz Wireless Connection – A USB dongle is included for a lag-free 2.4GHz wireless signal so you can now play anywhere in the room.

Ergonomic Styling with Rubberized Handles – Designed for the utmost in comfort for hours of ache free gameplay. 
The VX-1 has a tactile silk finish and perfectly weighted handles. Vibration Feedback – The built in rumble feature gives you an exciting response to your gaming action.

Auto Powersave – To conserve energy the auto powersave feature shuts down your controller after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Future Proofed – Upgradable firmware via Gioteck software (requires a Windows operating system).

Advanced Li-Polymer Battery - powered by an advanced Li-Polymer battery to extend your gaming experience.


RT-2 Real Triggers

Non-slip trigger enhancement for PS3™

How many times have your fingers slipped off the L2 and R2, and always at a crucial moment in the game? RealTriggers put a stop to that happening ever again! Simply put... If you use a Sony® PS3™ Controller, and you’re serious about your gaming, you should be using these!

2M Play & Charge Cable

Recharge your PS3® wireless controller without leaving your chair. Enabling uniterrupted immersion in the game. This cable is suitable for use only with controllers which have built in rechargeable batteries.

1.5M HDMI Cable

This high spec HDMI cable will easily deliver 1080p video while continuing to support all HDMI 1.3 features, so expect pixel-for-pixel picture performance with no signal loss when it counts; in the midst of battle! 1080p HDMI Cable - Made with high resistant moulded plugs with strain relief and precision connectors.


  • 1 Year warranty from the date of purchase. Please retain your original purchase receipt and original packaging (product box) for warranty claim
  • The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects only. Products that are caused by human error will not be covered under warranty.


Type: Accessories

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