PS3 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle


Summon your stands and be ready for the fight. All the charming characters from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure are joining together in the All Star Battle. Gamers and fans of the series have been waiting for the game ever since it was announced during the mangaka Araki Hirohito's art show. 

BandaiNamco Games have designed a new shading technique called the Jojo Shading Requiem for this game. This technique allows the characters to preserve Araki's exact art touches even as they dash around each other. Stands are playing a very important role in the game, use them to their full potential to attack and defend. And even for characters who don't have stands, they have Ripple powers that will turn the tables around during dire situations.
Language: Voice - Japanese l Subtitle - English
Region: R3


Type: Game

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