PS4 Deadlight: Director's Cut


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Release Date: 21 June 2016
Genre: Action Adventure 
Language: English
Region: R2


In a world destroyed by a zombie outbreak, all hope of a cure has died, now only survival remains. Deadlight, the iconic side-scrolling horror game reanimates itself once more on next-gen consoles. Now Deadlight: Directors Cut will deliver the most compelling, complete Deadlight experience yet.

Set in an apocalyptic 1986, you play Randall Wayne, a lone survivor searching for his loved ones in the ruins of Seattle. Through tense platforming and deadly encounters with the undead, known as ‘shadows’, you’ll either fight using scarce resources, or navigate the environment to run and hide from them.

Deadlight: Director's Cut enhances the platforming survival horror title in every way, with superior controls, new animations, and full 1080p resolution being just the start of the improvements. Players will also experience a brand new game mode in Deadlight: Director's Cut - the ‘Survival Arena’ will be one of Randall’s toughest challenges yet.


  • Survive a zombie apocalypse
  • New ‘Survival Arena’ Mode
  • Full 1080p on all platforms
  • Enhanced Controls, new animations and improved textures