PS4 Dogfighter: World War 2


Release Date: 27 June 2019
Genre: Shooting
Language: English, Chinese, Korean
Region: R3

A dogfighting game set in the skies of World War II featuring the famous fighter planes of the time, including the Zero fighter plane, Mustang, Spitfire, Messerschmitt, and more! Become a pilot of World War II and experience historic dogfights in the Scenario Mode. Compete in 40-player battles with options to play solo, a duo (two-person team), or in a squad (three-person team) in Battle Royale Mode.


  • The new battle royale in the Sky!
  • Enjoy battle royale in excellent dogfighting in the setting of World War II
  • Be the pilot from WW2 to experience the cruel escort operation at Strait of Dover and Big Week in Mainland Germany in the air!
  • Scenario Mode and Battle Royale Mode are available on DOGFIGHTER -WW2-