PS4 The Last Guardian


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SteelBook Edition:

  • PS4 The Last Guardian game disc
  • Steel Case
  • DLC

Collector's Edition:

  • Premium Steelbook game case + PS4 The Last Guardian game disc
  • Premium Statue
  • 72-page Art Book
  • Digital soundtrack (10 songs)
  • Sticker sheet
  • Collector's box

Boy Meets Beast:
Discover the most unlikeliest of friendships in the action-adventure game, The Last Guardian. This is one of the most long-awaited titles for the PlayStation 4 and is developed by the famous Team Ico! In this third-person perspective game, follow the tale of a boy who tries to escape from dark castle ruins and comes upon a mythical-like beast named Trico. Players have the opportunity of developing the bond between the beast and the boy, in this upcoming exclusive.

Befriend the Giant Beast:
Learn to tame this powerful beast and turn him into a gentle giant. It won't be an easy job, as it is likely for you to overcome the daunting tasks of training Trico, as players progress through solving puzzling challenges such as gaining Trico's trust, feeding, caring for, teaching, and commanding him. Players are sure to enjoy interacting with this realistic like creature, and experiencing their own tale of an evolving friendship between man and monster.


  • An Unlikely Companion: Discover a fantastical beast named Trico who will act as companion and protector, forging a bond that drives an emotional and harrowing journey
  • Truly Unique Gameplay: Take control of an ordinary young boy who must communicate with his gigantic companion in order to overcome obstacles and survive mysterious dangers
  • A Beautiful Fantasy World: Through advanced lighting and particle effects, detailed environments, and lifelike character animation, The Last Guardian transports players to a breathtaking world filled with crumbling ruins and mysterious secrets to discover

Release Date: 6 December 2016
Genre: Action Adventure
Language: Region 3: Voice - English ; Subtitle - English, Chinese; 
Region 2: English