PS4 Tsuihou Senkyo / 放逐選舉 (Chinese)


Release Date: 28 September 2017
Genre: Role Playing
Language: Voice - Japanese / Subtitle - Chinese
Region: Region 3

Settled in an post-apocalyptic world, a group of boys and girls go through elections to see who lives.

The setting of the game is an abandoned amusement park where a group of characters are trapped and caged within its parameters. It has been said that the world outside of the surrounding park is in chaos and completely infested with murderous monsters born from the minds of those inside. The game follows thirteen main characters who are then shown a screen of a mechanical doll figure named "Alice", who refers to itself as a male and hold the "death games", which is a survival stratagem to individually release a single character during each Election. This leads to characters turning their backs on one another. Those who have been exiled are sent out into the surrounding areas of the amusement park's outside, where they are in danger from the murderous beast. The game takes place in the eyes of Kaname Ichijou, a character who entered the park with his childhood friend and now-deceased little sister and has the synthenesia ability which allows him to see sound as colours; the sound of lies are red. Kaname holds are strong resentment to the other groups because of their permitting of his sister's, Misa's death. Alice tells the present characters that the game will not end until there are two participants remaining.

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