PS4 Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide


Release Date: 04 October 2016
Genre: Shooting
Language: English
Region: R2

The once proud city of Ubersreik now stands in ruin at the hands of the dreaded Skaven army. Few have survived their ruthless invasion.

Team up with 3 friends and work together to thin out the ratmen's forces and drive them out of the city. Assume the role of one of five heroes, and hack, slash, smash , burn and pierce the vile Skaven using a multitude of weapons. Fight your way through the city of Ubersreik, from the top of the Magnus Tower to the bowels of the Under Empire.

This is our last stand and only you can stem the Vermintide.

Vermintide is a co-operative action first person shooter and melee combat adventure set in the End Times of the iconic Warhammer™ Fantasy world.


  • Cooperative Survival For up to 4 Players
  • Huge Hero Arsenal Of Weapons, Trinkets and More
  • Embark on an Epic Quest Across 18 Diverse Levels: Including all DLC Levels Currently Released for the PC Version
  • Experience the Skaven Like Never Before
  • Gather Shiny Loot
  • Experience an Immersive Story Set In The Cataclysmic Events of The End Times
  • Stand Together or Die Alone - Challenging Co-op at it's Finest