PS5 VR Song in the Smoke: Rekindled


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Song in the Smoke is a single-player survival adventure game set in a vast, beautiful, and deadly world outside of time.Your skill is the key to survival as you stalk and hunt prey with hand-crafted primitive weapons and tools. Forage for food, medicine, and supplies by day, and remember to keep your campfire lit throughout the dark, dangerous nights. Establish camps wherever you deem fit as you explore and survive this immersive world created from the ground up exclusively for VR.Features:A beautiful and harrowing survival experience - Hunt, forage, explore, craft, maximize resources and try to surviveLiving World - Animals seek water and shelter, while predators hunt for prey; as day transitions into night, the environment shifts and the creatures who inhabit it, change their behaviorsHunt or be Hunted - Danger and opportunity lurk around every corner!