PS Vita Little Big Planet


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Region: R1 (English)


LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation Vita features the same design and gameplay functionality found in earlier LittleBigPlanet games, but bolstered by impressive features specific to the new Sony handheld gaming device. As with all LittleBigPlanet games, players can partake of campaign levels included in the game, download user created levels online, or create their own levels. The PS Vita's front and rear touch controls allow for more fluid customization and movement, as well as allow for fluid game design on the fly, with Sackboy previewing levels as you create them. When within a game additional features provide for a more varied gameplay experience, including: multi-touch input functionality for local multiplayer games on a single PS Vita, and a tilt feature that utilizes the PS Vita's motion-sensing internal gyroscope.


  • Revolutionized gameplay – PS Vita's front, rear touch and tilt affect the LBP world, as the traditional buttons control Sackboy.
  • The most story-driven narrative yet – Stop the Puppeteer from plunging the planet Carnivalia into darkness forever.


And for you creative types:

  • PS Vita's cameras – capture and adapt anything in the real world then customize the games you're playing or the levels you're creating.
  • Super-charged tools – The touchscreen interface and brand-new create tools let you create not just levels, but entirely new mini-games!


--And don't worry, all the levels, costumes, DLC you have on "LBP1" and 2 will be free on the PS Vita version.