Thrustmaster T60 Racing Wheel (PS3/PC)

$46.00 USD $91.00 USD

The Thrustmaster T60 Official Licensed Sony PS3 Racing Wheel features an exclusive knee-top mounting system to play on the comfort of your couch – Just position the racing wheel on your knees and start playing! This T60 wheel offers precision control with adjustable steering sensitivity and linear resistance with automatic re-centering. The wheel-mounted sequential gearbox features two digital paddle shifters.

The “Home” button on the T60 activates PlayStation 3 menus and this racing wheel is fully programmable on the PlayStation 3 with its “Mapping” function. There’s a D-Pad plus 12 action buttons with ergonomic positioning, as on the official PlayStation gamepad for intuitive gameplay! These buttons are easy to reach with your thumbs, for optimal comfort.

In addition to the exclusive knee-top mounting capability of the T60, this wheel includes a central clamping system that is compatible with all kinds of desks and tables. This clamp is easy to use and offers optimal stability. The included pedal set features 2 progressive pedals for precise acceleration and braking, and a non-slip footrest.


  • Adjustable steering sensitivity for more precise control
  • Realistic linear resistance on the wheel with automatic re-centering
  • Wheel-mounted sequential gearbox: 2 digital paddle shifters
  • 1 “Home” button to activate PlayStation3 menus
  • 2 progressive pedals for precise acceleration and braking