Xanova Juturna-U Gaming Headset


40mm, Ultra Soft Details, Soft Mic Cable 1.3m + Mobile Cable 1.3m + Extended Line 1.5m

Unit:40mm PAR polymer coated diaphragm
Mic position: Hose mic/ built-in mic
Replace cable? Yes
Cable button for phone call: Yes
7.1 Sound card with driver: No
Compactivity :PC/Mobile/Console

Juturna is monitor headphone  for use in indoor environment.   Juturna is robust and can capture lots of details.   Its metallic look, with no frills, represents our relentless efforts in pursuing in the direction of  high quality sound, rich soundscape and clear analysis of the treble.  

In terms of the sound quality, Juturna sets a new standard of bringing studio headphone into the gaming battlefield.  The competitors will be the monitor headphones of the professional top brands.

The full modular design makes the plug and play cable standard accessories.  It will be good to plug the extension cable or sound card into the computer for standby.  An additional cable for handphone (on-the-go) usage is included.  Back home playing PC Game or Live, you can use the cable with omni directional microphone for better sound output quality. 

Multi-platform compatibility.

When gaming, the stereo headset can offer great positioning accuracy.  With the sound card, the performance will be further enhanced.  The precise tuning of the headset  also puts it in a good position (or even better)  to compete with music headset of similar pricing.

Juturna-U edition comes with a  virtual 7.1 sound card to be connected to the extension cord.  The sound card comes with a button, when pushed it down, Juturna will go into the low frequency mode, which enable you to track directional accuracy and small sound such as footsteps.

The ear cushion is connected to the ear cup through buckle, simply open the buckle and you can exchange the cushion.   

The screws of the remaining parts are visible and can be dissembled directly.