Xanova Ocala-U Gaming Headset

$69.90SGD $99.00SGD

Ocala was designed as a fashionable outdoor

 on ear gaming headset for mobile games. Modular design allows users to customize their own headband, cushion color, material or even Bluetooth accessories in future.

The tightness of the unit on the band has been seriously tested, and it does not loosen for more than 30% after 3000 insertions. The tightness of 2.5mm socket is also tested for more than 5000 times.

The earmuff of current version is made of mesh material, which is more breathable and comfortable.  We are planning to  provide multiple color PU earmuffs as option, which can increase the bass effect by around 10%.

The headband is made of unique nylon material and can bear extreme twisting and bending.

Plug-in Cables are equipped with Ocala. When gamers wear Ocala outdoors, they can use the standard mobile cable. When they game with Ocala indoors, they can simply change to the cable equipped with the omnidirectional microphone, which has better sound outputs during communication and streaming.

Ocala is compatible to all platforms.

Ocala provides accurate positioning during gaming and rich sound when watching movies or listening to music.

Ocala-U replaces the extension cord into a virtual 7.1 USB sound card. Pressing the button on the sound card can enter low-frequency cancellation mode, allow gamers to listen to more precise details in game scene such as footsteps or flying bullets. 

With modular design, it is very easy to detach the unit by pulling it out of the headband. Cushions can also be detached by rotating it anti-clockwise.

The speaker unit, diaphragm and magnetic ring have the same sound performance as Beats solo2.