Xanova Pulsar Mechanical Keyboard


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Xanova Pulsar gaming keyboard:

  • Cherry MX switches
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Dedicated buttons for audio and lighting controls
  • Spacecraft design
  • EQ lighting mode

Switch is always the key:

XANOVA product development team acknowledges that gamers always require a durable and high-quality keyboard. That’s why Cherry is chosen to be the switches of Magnetar and Pulsar.

Backlight:The lighting effect when no keys are pressed.

Keylight:The lighting effect when keys are pressed. The Keylight will be shown above the backlight as double-layer light combination effects.

Gamers who are tired of adjusting everything in driver can easily adjust the default lighting modes for backlight and keylight by simply pressing FN+F10/FN+F11.

There are total 88 lighting combinations without driver, which is definitely a massive number.

Total 95 lighting combinations and can even set a set of default backlights without any driver

More combinations with driver

EQ mode:Turn on EQ mode in XANOVA CONTROL PANEL.

  • No additional program
  • No additional headsets
  • Capture real PC audio output

Independent audio/brightness buttons and roller

Switching single backlight colors without any driver

70° side bend with anodized, sandblasting aluminum alloy, and floating keycap design.  Pulsar is not just a keyboard but like a spacecraft ready to launch.

To disassemble Pulsar, please use a dryer to loosen the 3M glue on both sides of the nameplate and then remove it (remove it by force will cause damages to the nameplate) 4 screws are on the nameplates and others are on the aluminum plate as shown above.

Space has been reserved for future upgrade version.