Xbox One Bladestorm : The hundred War & Nightmare (Japanese)


Koei Tecmo are bringing the Bladestorm series back, and along with it comes many enhancements to the game as well as the introduction of fantasy creatures and themes in what is being referred to as Bladestorm: Nightmare! 

With new fantasy elements at Koei Tecmo's disposal rumor has it that the legendary Joan of Arc will be leading an army of monsters in the Nightmare sections of the game. You don't need to have studied European history to realize Koei Tecmo Games are straying from the source material, but who can say no to dragons and a giant cyclops?

If you are unfamiliar with Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War it is an action/strategy musou game developed by the likes of Akihiro Suzuki, best known for his work on the world famous Dynasty Warriors series.

As you move throughout the battlefield players can join different squads, like calvary or spearmen, essentially changing your class on the go. Described by Koei Tecmo as "a strategy game at its core" it would not be surprising to see gameplay additions made to the game that distinguish it further from others in the hack and slash genre.


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