8BitDo Arcade Stick


8BitDo Ultimate Software

Ultimate software gives you elite control over every piece of your arcade stick: customize button mapping and create macros with any button combination. It even has two dedicated macro buttons (P1/P2). Create controller profiles and switch between them at any time.

Dynamic Button Layout

When you switch between Switch and PC (X-Input) mode, Arcade Stick's dynamic button layout instantly changes its visual layout.

Bluetooth®, 2.4g and wired connectivity

Every Arcade Stick has three ways to connect: Bluetooth®, 2.4g and wired USB-C. The included 2.4g receiver has a special hidden compartment to store it safely.

A Modern joystick that respects the classics

Arcade Stick is designed with respect for the classics.


Arcade Stick is ultra moddable. You can swap out 30mm/24mm arcade buttons. Arcade Stick is even designed with a universal joystick mounting plate. It supports virtually every arcade stick ever made: Sanwa JLF / Sanwa JLW Seimitsu / LS 33, 55, 56, 58 / Seimitsu LS 32, 40 / Happ arcade sticks & IL arcade sticks.


  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch, Windows.
  • Supports ultimate software - customize button mapping and create macros
  • Ultra-moddable arcade stick - Universal mounting plate supports Sanwa, seimitsu, happ & il arcade sticks
  • Dynamic button layout - button mapping changes with mode functionally and visually
  • Wireless bluetooth, 2.4G/ included wireless 2.4G receiver & wired support with included usb-c cable


  • Switch, Windows (Steam)


  • Bluetooth®
  • 2.4g
  • wired

    Special Features

  • Dynamic Button Layout
  • button swap function
  • Ultimate Software
  • Control stick switch
  • Turbo Functionality
  • 2 Dedicated macro buttons (P1/P2)

    Dimension / Weight

  • 303*203*111.5mm
  • 2.1kg

    Battery Type / Battery Life

  • 1000mAh Li-on battery, rechargeable
  • 40 hours of play time on 2.4g connection and 30 hours on bluetooth with 4 hour charging time


  • Arcade Stick,
  • 2.4g Wireless Receiver,
  • USB-C Cable,
  • Instruction manual,