HORI Tekken 8 Fighting Stick α for (PS5/PS4/PC)


Compatible: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC

Dimensions: (width) 410 mm x (depth) 300 mm x (height) 120 mm
Weight: Approximately 2.7 kg Cable
length: Approximately 3.0m
Connection method: USB connection

Experience gaming perfection with Hori's latest arcade stick, featuring the "TEKKEN8" version. Not only can you effortlessly access and maintain the sticks and buttons by opening the casing, but it also boasts a key lock mode to prevent accidental button presses. Plus, with the dedicated app, you have the power to customize functions to your preference, all supported by a highly stable non-slip mat at the bottom.

Customize your original design
You can customize the design plate on the top to your own original design.

Easy maintenance
You can easily access the inside by opening the housing and maintain the sticks and buttons.

Equipped with headset / microphone terminal
It has a headset / microphone terminal similar to the DualSense

Equipped with key lock mode
Equipped with a key lock mode to prevent accidental pressing of a button

App that can be finely customized
You can set various functions to your liking by using the dedicated app.