IINE Switch Video Converter 3-in-1 HD Resolution Conversion for Nintendo Switch


Compatibility: Mac, Window, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, Pad

Why Choose us?

Up to 4K/30Hz
3-in-1 Portable Dock
USB 3.0 Interface
Suitable for Multiple Devices

3-in-1 Switch Converter, Easy to Use
*PD (Support 60W)
* USB 3.0 Data Port (5Gbps)
* HDMI Interface (4K Resolution)
*Type-C Dock Connector

Up to 4K/30Hz Resolution
Delivers Pristine 4k 30Hz Resolution Enhances your visual experience with impeccable Clarity

HDMI Output Up to 4K Resolution

Support Switch / Steam Deck / ROG etc. Enabling smooth game Experienced in TV Mode

Note: Swicth Only Supportd 1080/50Hz other devices can achieve 4K conversion if they support it

Supports Coonection to USB External devices, transmission up to 5Gbps

Common to multiple Devices

Game Console & TV mode
can be used on Switch / ROG / Steam Deck, etc.

Laptop & Mobile Phone HD Conversion

Switch Portable Conversion