Nintendo Switch Panic in Sweets Land


Release Date: 23 May 2024
Genre: Beat \'em Up
Subtitles: Voice - Japanese ; Subtitle - English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Region: Asia (Chinese Cover)

Crushing combos and beat up enemies! No complicated controls, just fun with a variety of fighting actions! The joy and faults of a pretty magical girl knocking down her enemies? Yes, please!

This is the kind of game we want to play. So, if it doesn't exist, why not make it? And make it fun.

So, sink your teeth into this TASTY treat!

A delicious and crazy action game with bright and colorful sweet action!

Sylphy Land, a land of mysterious creatures, exists in a different realm from the human world. It is a fantasy world ruled by the fairy queen, Miruru.

One day, however, the evil-spirited Evil took over and transformed the fairies into evil fairies! What caused the Evil to take control of them is a mystery.

Can Lime, Mint, and Puffee drive Evil out of the hearts of the fairies, and restore peace to Sylphy Land?


  • The more consecutive combos you do, the more damage you deal!
  • Additional actions and status that increase with an RPG-like growth!
  • A fully voiced story with lighthearted characters!
  • Items are hidden throughout each stage! Where could they be?
  • Beat up an enemy, finish them off with Restore Action, and make them feel Tasty!