One Xplayer Docking For 7 Inch Mini Series

$79.90SGD $109.00SGD

Personalized Design, Make OneXplayer More Cool

The personalized design is inspired by the beast's eyes. When OneXplayer is connected to the Docking, the light up, make OneXplayer like a sleeping monster awakened, ready to wait for the master's command to start fighting!

More Ergonomic Bracket Angle

In order to make players more comfortable to use, we designed the angle of the Docking bracket based on ergonomics, which can be used as a bracket to hold device and play in the host mode.

Stable Metal Bracket

In order to ensure that OneXplayer has good heat dissipation and stable bracket after it is connected to ONEXDocking, it adopts 6000 series aviation aluminum to be the bracket, which takes into account the stability and avoids the heat dissipation hole of OneXplayer be cover, so that its performance can be greatly released in the host mode.


  • Ports: USB-A 3.0 *3, USB-C(Charge)*1, HDMI*1, RJ45*1
  • Weight: 122g
  • Size: 10*9.8*7.2cm