OTVO Multi-functional Charging Vertical Stand for PS5


 Note:Vertical Stand Holder for PS5 Only,Controllers and console not included.

 Compatibility: PS5 & PS5 Digital Edition

Package Includes

  • 1x Charging & Vertical Stand
  • 4x USB-C Adapter in the slots

Led Indictor: Green Light Means That Charging Station Is Plugged In Or Fully Charged. Red Light Means That Your Ps5 Controller Is Charging.
Space Saving: The Charging Stand Is Slim And Stable, Keep Your Desk Clean And Tidy.
Dual Charging Station: 2 High Output Controller Chargers Can Speed Up Charging And Reduce Charging Time. 2 Indicator Lights Which Showing Charge Status, Fit For Ps5 Wireless Controllers..
Extra Usb Type C Connector: Built In 4 Slot With 4 Type C Connectors, 2 Extra Dongles Will Extend The Service Life. You Can Plug 2 Of Them Into The Controllers, And Simply Place The Ps5 Controller On The Charging Station..


  • Designed for Sony PlayStation 5: Specially designed for your PS5 Digital Edition/ Ultra HD Console. Allows you to store your PS5 console in its upright vertical position
  • Extra USB Type C Connector: Built in 4 slot with 4 type c connectors, 2 extra dongles will extend the service life. You can plug 2 of them into the controllers, and simply place the PS5 Controller on the charging station.
  • LED Indictor: Green light means that charging station is plugged in or fully charged. Red light means that your PS5 controller is charging
  • Dual Charging Station: 2 high output controller chargers can speed up charging and reduce charging time. 2 indicator lights which showing charge status, fit for PS5 Wireless Controllers.
  • Space Saving: The charging stand is slim and stable, keep your desk clean and tidy