PS5 Crazy Chicken [Shooter Edition]


Release Date: 26 June 2021
Genre: Shooting
Language: English
Region: R1

Welcome to the Wild West, where lawlessness has broken out in GUN CITY.

Trigger-happy desperado chickens have chased the righteous sheriff out of town. Nothing and no one is safe in this once peaceful city.

You're the new sheriff in town and must restore law and order by taking out these renegade chickens.

In each of the three levels, the aim is to hunt as many chickens and collect as many points as possible in just 90 seconds. But be careful — the desperados shoot back!

If you get shot three times, the game is over. If you shoot the wrong chicken or the wrong item, points will be deducted. Not only do you have to be accurate, but you also need to complete certain tasks in order to progress to the next level.
Which tasks? You need to find that out for yourself.


  • Take on the role of the chicken hunter as you move the screen left and right to search for more chickens and power-ups. Then use your bullets to shoot incoming birds
  • The harder they are to get, the more points they are worth
  • Choose one of three speed settings for maximum hunting success
  • Rankings - Beat your own top scores over and over again and compete against friends and players around the world for the top position in the rankings
  • Tutorial and FAQs — Tips and tricks to quickly become a respected sheriff
  • Online/Offline — Play whenever and wherever you like. No internet connection is needed to hunt
  • However, you need an internet connection to put your best score on the global leader board and see other players’ scores