Playstation 5: First look at Hardware and Games

June 12, 2020

Playstation 5: First look at Hardware and Games


Sony has officially confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will release for "Holiday 2020", as well as released some specs and teased some games for the console.

Here's a rough idea, and some speculation, for the future of PlayStation.



Sony has taken a rather adventurous choice with design of the PS5, opting for a more futuristic, sci-fi look. It sports a white chassis fitted on top of a base black forming a "V" shape for the console, reminding one of a sleek jacket or indicative of the number 5, marking its 5th installment to the console series.
This sets it drastically apart from its predecessors, their designs being more function over form, while this is more of a seamless blend.

This may also likely be indicative of a fresh new approach Sony has decided to take in the near future.

Sony has decided to launch two different consoles, one with the standard disc drive, and a Digital Edition. Of course, the Digital Edition is lacking a disc drive, which interestingly enough makes its design more symmetrical and appealing.

This digital edition approach is likely Sony's vision for the future, where perhaps they expect less games to be on discs, and cloud-based gaming to be the future. So far Microsoft has charged ahead with this rhethoric in mind, openly expecting their competitors to be Amazon and Google, instead of the age-old console war of Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo (but let's face it, Nintendo has been in its own gaming pocket for a while now) and PC.

However, we must keep in mind the gigantic memory some games tend to have (*cough* looking at you Modern Warfare), and wonder whether or not having a digital only console is the best way to enjoy the next generation's games. Especially since the reveal of Unreal Engine 5, and the prospect of infinitely better looking games, taking up infinitely more space.

The ball is definitely in Sony's court now, and we're all hoping that there is justification for the disc drive-less console.



  • CPU: 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz (variable frequency)
  • GPU: 10.28TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz (variable frequency)
  • GPU Architecture: Custom RDNA 2
  • Memory/Interface: 16GB GDDR6 / 256=bit
  • Memory Bandwidth: 448GB/s
  • Internal Storage: Custom 825GB SSD
  • IO Throughput: 5.5GB/s (Raw), Typical 8-9GB/s (compressed)
  • Expandable Storage: NVMe SSD Slot
  • External Storage: USB HDD Support
  • Optical Drive: 4K UHD Blu-Ray Drive

This basically means it will be faster, stronger and look prettier.

The PS5 will support 8K video, at least to an extent. 
Larger, more graphics heavy games may be relegated to the upscale family, while smaller, more contained games may make it to 8K.

How about backwards compatibility?
Don't get too excited, Sony's take on it is choosing the top 100 PlayStation 4 titles as ranked by playtime and "expecting almost all of them to be playable at launch on PlayStation 5."
So not everything will be playable on the PS5.

*Update: Sony has clarified that they are working on bringing an "overwhelming majority" of 4,000-plus existing PS4 titles over to the PS5. So rejoice!*



The DualSense Controller takes after the console with the same sleek, futuristic white-on-black look. It comes with a brand spanking new piece of technology - the Tempest 3D AudioTech, which "will deliver a new feeling of immersion to players."
What's more, it touts haptic feedback, which "adds a variety of powerful sensations you’ll feel when you play, such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud."
Sony has also mentioned that it has incorporated adaptive triggers into the L2 and R2 buttons of DualSense so "you can truly feel the tension of your actions, like when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow."

What this basically means is, we'll be more immersed in our game than we have ever been, and will be able to somewhat feel what our character is feeling. So stock up on those Dorito Chips and Mountain Dew, it's going to be a long ride. (Or don't, nobody wants to see grease stains on a WHITE controller)

The controller will apparently be more comfortable as well, with Sony's engineers and designers working hand in 
hand to make the grip and the buttons feel more accessable and natural. The battery life will be longer, a gripe many players had with the DualShock 4.

Oh and for good measure, there will be an in-built mic. So remember not to swear too much, or remember to turn off your mic.

Of course, it's hard not to look at all these new features and wonder if the battery life will really be longer, if not as long, as the DualShock 4. But we'll just have to wait to find out.



Right now your guess is as good as ours.

The Digital Edition might cost less, similar to how the Xbox All-Digital Edition costs slightly less than its regular edition.

The only details about release date is in the opening photo "Holiday 2020". Which could mean anywhere between November to December.



Here are some games revealed during the presentation in no order of merit. (I say that but- )


Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Resident Evil VILLage




Horizon Forbidden West


Demon's Souls


Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart


Hitman 3


Gran Turismo 7


Ghostwire: Tokyo




Destruction AllStars

In our opinion, games are the deciding factor on whether or not a console is worth it, and so far, it looks like the PlayStation 5 may be worth it.

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