5 Games That Looks Amazing On The New Nintendo Switch OLED

November 19, 2021

5 Games That Looks Amazing On The New Nintendo Switch OLED

It's been more than 2 years since Nintendo last introduce a new device into its Switch Family.


And on July this year, Nintendo finally announced a new model - The Nintendo Switch OLED Model.


An increased storage, a wide adjustable stand, improved audio ... and most importantly ... as its name suggest, an all-new 7-inch OLED screen.

That means not only you're getting a larger screen, you're also getting a screen capable of displaying some of the most vivid and rich colours you can imagine.


The Nintendo Switch OLED comes in 2 versions, a fresh, full white design and the classic neon red/blue.

Whichever is your preference, both are already getting snapped up fast.


If you are looking for an upgrade, or looking to buy your first switch, then the Nintendo Switch OLED Model is definitely your first choice.

And once you do get your hands on it, there's only one thing left to do ...


It's time to join the party.


Here are 5 games that looks amazing on the new Nintendo Switch OLED.



Number 1 - Hades

Developer: Supergiant Games

Release: Aug 2020


Following the tradition of releasing a new game every 3 years, Supergiant Games released their latest game, Hades, last year.


You might ask … who are Supergiant Games?


Well, it's the same game studio that gave us Bastion in 2011 or Transistor in 2014, both of which are incredibly beautiful looking games, crafted with high artistic value.


As for Hades, Supergiant Games once again set the standard with its animation, colours, and attention to details.


Number 2 - Ori: The Collection

Developer: Moon Studios

Release: Dec 2020

Enter the dreamy, gorgeous world of the Forest of Nibel.


Ori is a franchise developed by Moon Studios that really focus their attention to things like colour palette, shape language and visual storytelling.


And for the first time, we have the combination of 2 games: Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition and Ori and the Will of the Wisps into one cartridge.


Ori: The Collection was then release on December of 2020.


If you have to chance play these two immersive, beautiful and critically acclaimed masterpieces on the Nintendo Switch OLED, definitely go for it.


Number 3 - Hoa

Developer: Skrollcat Studio

Release: Aug 2021

Let's get back to our childhood... where novels, fantasy and fairy tales mesmerize us with wonder and imagination.


That's what Hoa is all about ... a Studio Ghibli inspired game that brings you back to your childhood.


Developed by Skrollcat Studio, a small game studio in Vietnam, Hoa is one of the few games that forces you to pause in your track to admire its art.


If you get your hands on this game, look out for its forest world, its sleepy animals, and enjoy the wordless adventure about the triumph of nature.


Number 4 - Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Developer: Sonic Team, Dimps, Blind Squirrel Entertainment

Release: Sep 2021

From its inception 30 years ago, we saw the Sonic franchise went from its old school 16-bit pixels graphic to its current modern visuals with the release of Sonic Colors: Ultimate this year.


Indeed, it’s a rare classic franchise that has come a long way.


Sonic Colors: Ultimate is easily the most imaginative game the series has ever seen, and also one of the most colourful games we had this year.


Just imagine exploring its immersive and unique colourful worlds on an OLED screen!


Number 5 - Metroid Dread

Developer: MercurySteam and Nintendo EPD

Release: Oct 2021

One of Nintendo flagship game this year, Metroid Dread is another franchise that came a long way since the release of its first game back in the 80's.


Nintendo nailed this game as a proper stunning adventure game, with colourful enemies and a background full of life that made this game super immersive.


And how exciting it is to know that we were getting this game just in time for the release of the Switch OLED.


Sit back and enjoy the game’s stunning lighting effects, its Sci-Fi glow in every scene, and the bursting contrast and colours on the new Nintendo Switch OLED.

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