Tomtoc Slim Protective Case - and more!

August 05, 2020

Tomtoc Slim Protective Case - and more!





So you’ve just purchased a Nintendo Switch Lite and are looking for possible cases on the market. Chances are you got the Lite because of your budget, because you value portability, or both. Well, then the Tomtoc Slim Protective Case for Nintendo Switch Lite is the dream case for you. It’s designed to be a solid, durable, no frills case with an affordable price tag to boot.



The Tomctoc Slim Protective Case is a hard case made of a sturdy, splash-proof, high quality thick fabric. It boasts “Military Level Protection”, meaning it’s gone through strict military drop testing, ensuring that your precious console will stay safe and protected the whole time you’re tossing it around like a football.

It has raised joystick and buttons moulds on the face of the case, your Switch Lite’s buttons and joy-cons fitting snugly into the pocket made inside. This affords added protection in the event any outside pressure is applied.

Its interior is a soft, fleece material that is nice to the touch, and protects your console from any scratches and knocks from the inside. This actually gives the interior a rather premium feel as an added bonus.

For all the protection it gives, the Slim Case is well, surprisingly slim, and is probably one of the thinnest cases on the market right now. This makes carrying it around a breeze, as it is light and compact, and you’ll be able to pop it into a sling bag or purse without much difficulty.



The case comes with an attached wrist strap, which is always a plus for a case. This allows you the option of carrying it in your hand and you’ll still be able to hold your phone or wallet comfortably. The strap is attached via a small plastic carabiner, clipping onto a small ring on the case. This lets you detach the strap if you feel you don’t need it, or customize your own strap if you like.

You’ll find a small fabric flap on the inside of the case, which lets you fit up to 8 game cartridges. While this isn’t the highest amount we’ve seen in a case, it should be more than enough to fit your daily needs. (Because really, who plays more than 8 games in a single day when outside, unless you’re visiting relatives.) The fabric flap doubles as an added screen protection as the end facing the Switch Lite’s screen is made of the same soft material as the inside of the case.

Because of the form-fitting nature of the case, there is no slot or pouch inside to fit your charger or extra joy-cons, maybe only allowing you to fit an extra USB cable.

At just SGD$29.90, we would recommend the Tomtoc Slim Protective Case to users who prefer to travel with a minimalist case, and don’t intend to bring your entire Switch set-up with you.




Tomtoc Travel Protective Case

If you would prefer something that could accommodate a party setting, or you just like bringing your set-up around with you “just in case”, then the Tomtoc Travel Protective Case is the case for you.

It includes all the features mentioned previously, but it is double the height of the Tomtoc Slim Case. What it gives to you in exchange however, is a whole pouch section, allowing you to jam-pack all your favourite extra accessories into the case. Furthermore, it allows for a whopping 24 game cartridges to be carried around with you, so you’ll never get bored with the variety of games you’ll have at your fingertips.

At just SGD$35.90, which is $6 more than the Slim Case, you’ll get its money worth and then some.


But what if I’m not looking for a carry pouch, just a protective case?

Well then Tomtoc has got you covered as well.


Tomtoc Liquid Silicone Case

The Tomtoc Liquid Silicone Case is a shock-absorption, anti-scratch, close-fitting silicone case for your Nintendo Switch Lite. The external silicone shell is smooth to the touch, owing to the high-quality material used to make it. A soft microfiber cushion lines the inside, preventing scratches on your console from daily use, or from repeated removal of the case.

Furthermore, it comes with 2 Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, so you won’t have to purchase a new screen protector if you accidentally crack one while using your console.

If you are kiasu and want double the protection, the Liquid Silicone Case fits into the Slim Case or Travel Protective Case, so you can ensure that your Nintendo Switch Lite won’t meet with a terrible fate. (Zelda fans will get me)

(Additionally, the Slicone Case kind of smells like biscuits and/or ice-cream upon taking it out of the packaging, which is irrelevant but is a nice change from smelling like chemicals.)

All these cases comes with a variety colours to fit your preferences, so you’ll be able to find one that goes well with your Nintendo Switch Lite console.


Purchase them here!
Tomtoc Liquid Silicone Case for Nintendo Switch Lite
Tomtoc Slim Protective Case for Nintendo Switch Lite
Tomtoc Travel Protective Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

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